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Week 4 BlogPoll Ballot

Here is my ballot for week 4 of the BlogPoll. As you'll probably notice there was quite a bit of jumping around on this ballot because I didn't get my week 3 ballot entered on time.  That also means my previous rankings are not listed here.  Click here if you want to read my most recent ballot from week 2.   

Explanations of my picks are after the jump.

I decided to keep LSU on top this week even though Oklahoma knocked off a higher ranked team on the road.  That did get the Sooners the #2 spot which Boise previously held.  I'd say the top seven teams have all been very solid this season and could contend for the national title depending on how things play out.

Nebraska is 3-0 but hasn't looked great in it's wins over Fresno State and Washington.  I seriously under estimated the Florida Gators at the start of the season and they are showing new life this season under Muschamp.  The Gators, Longhorns and Trojans all make their debuts in my poll.  

Can't believe that I actually put Illinois in a top 25 poll.  After knocking off Arizona State they deserve it but I fully expect them to ruin this very quickly.  

For my non AQ love I bumped TCU into the top 20 and kept Houston despite their narrow victory over Louisiana Tech.  And then we have Florida International who is now 3-0 and has back to back wins over Louisville and UCF.  Go get em Golden Panthers!!!  

Was tempted to add San Diego State but will wait to see how they fare on the road against Michigan next week.