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Cornhusker 411: Mega Q&A With Corn Nation

We're just two days away from Wyoming and Nebraska playing for the first time in more then a quarter century.  To get the inside scoop we partnered up with our SB Nation partner site Corn Nation.   We usually just do five questions but this week we went a little overboard and Aaron Musfeldt was willing to help out. 

If you want to read the answers I provided them then check this out.  Also they do a weekly Podcast and they interviewed me for that as well.   If I sound out of breath I blame on the fact I had to lug my sleeping daughter on my shoulder during the interview because she would have woken up if I put her in her crib,          

Great info here in the Q&A this week.  I think you'll certainly gain some great insight on the Huskers and areas that Wyoming can exploit. 


What is your sentiment of Nebraska playing a game in Wyoming?   Despite being neighbors these two teams have only played each other five times prior.   Any thought on why that is?  

I love that Nebraska is playing Wyoming in Laramie.  I prefer to travel with the team as opposed to seeing a game in Lincoln.  I've done that a bunch and it's fun to see new venues.  I decided earlier this week to jump in my car after work on Friday and head over to Laramie for the game. I haven't slept in my car in awhile! Looking forward to the road trip.

When South Dakota State came to Lincoln last year, it generated a lot of buzz with people from South Dakota. A lot of them are Husker fans because of the proximity to the state and were very excited to see the Jackrabbits and Huskers play. I get the same feeling about Wyoming and wish we could play more often.

As to why Nebraska hasn't been to Laramie, well home games are a huge source of revenue for UNL athletics. The deal with Wyoming is a 2-for-1 (two games in Lincoln, one in Laramie). Hope to see more games with Wyoming in the future.


The defense has given up a ton of yards the last weeks to Fresno State and Washington.  The Bulldogs were close to pulling off an upset through three quarters.  Is there any reason to believe that things will be different against Wyoming?

Lot's of yards. That's actually been pretty consistent in the Pelini era. The biggest difference this year is that the yards are becoming points whereas the past few years, the defense has gotten the stops it needs to prevent the points. The blackshirts have also given up a lot of big plays this year so far that they haven't the past couple years. Wyoming needs to try for big passes down field. The secondary is very green and the big pass has hurt us this year.


Obviously Nebraska has experience playing a Dave Christensen offense during his time at Missouri.   Is there anything that concerns you about facing him again?   

It will be interesting to see how Nebraska's defense game plans against Wyoming. They have been running a lot of 4-3 defense this year, so far. Against Missouri last year, they actually ran a weird 3-2-6 defense with one of the LB's moving between his LB position and DE position. It really gave Blaine Gabbert some issues last year. Who knows what Bo is going to to with Wyoming this year.



Is there a weakness on the Nebraska defense that Wyoming may be able to exploit this weekend?  

Wyoming can throw the ball. Take chances downfield. Our corners have been burned this year on play action and fakes that have left wide receivers wide open for easy scores. Do this and Wyoming will be in the game just like Fresno State.



Obviously Taylor Martinez and Rexburkhead are studs on offense.  Are they all that the Cornhuskers need or are there other playmakers that we should watch out for?  

We've been developing a lot of young receivers through the first three games. Senior Brandon Kinnie hasn't done much this year and didn't even catch a ball last week against Washington.  You'll probably see Kenny Bell and Jamal Turner catch some passes on Saturday. If he's ready to go, Ameer Abdullah has been a great weapon on special teams. He already has one kick-off return for a TD and almost broke a punt return for a TD last week against Washington. Someone caught him from behind.



Any injuries to report or players that are iffy to play on Saturday?

Alfonzo Dennard is still questionable. If he's back, the secondary will be a lot stronger. Jared Crick is questionable for the game too. The O-line has a few bumps and bruises too.


How much money would you pay for a chance to punch Bill Callahan in the face?

Hmm. I guess I look at it from a different point of view. Nebraska has been so successful over the years, we needed a few down years to come back to reality. It was a humbling time, but it also makes you appreciate a 10-4 season a lot more. I get to watch Husker games and am thankful for that. If they win, it's all the better.


Complete this sentence:  "Wyoming will beat Nebraska if ______________"

Wyoming will beat Nebraska if they can make big plays down field. Also, towards the end of the game, the Nebraska O-Line started dominating Washington's D-Line. If Wyoming can stop the run Taylor Martinez floats a lot of passes so there will be opportunities for Wyoming to get turnovers.


Predict the score!

Score Prediction. Nebraska 49, Wyoming 24. I think Wyoming keeps this a game for a while, but in the end big bad Nebraska comes out on top.