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Awards And HighLights From Wyoming Vs Nebraska

We like to post the animated drive charts for each game on Sunday.  Currently that data is unavailable but I will make sure to post it up on the site when it is available.  While the result isn't what Wyoming wanted in the game you can't say that the effort wasn't there.  The Pokes really went toe to toe with Nebraska for much of game but mental errors more then physical were the difference in this one. 

Let's hand out some hardware this week. 

Cowboy Joe:   Brett Smith certainly won over the the TV announcers during the game after seeing what Poke fans had noticed the first three weeks.  He was cool under pressure  and certainly did not look like a true freshmen that was facing the #9 team in the nation.  He added two touchdowns passes so he is now at seven on the year.   Most of his passes were very accurate but dropped by receivers.

Honorable Mention:  Tashaun Gipson is the only veteran in the secondary and finally played like he has in previous years.  He played tight coverage and did a great job of open field tackling.  He also recovered a fumble that he forced.  Strong play from Gipson will be a big boost to the secondary the rest of the season.   

Cowboy Low:  Stupid personal foul penalties.  The Cowboys took themselves out the game with careless on penalties that could have been easily prevented.  The first one killed an offensive drive in the first half that was looking promising.  Then a penalty on opening kickoff of the second half help Nebraska start with the ball inside Wyoming territory.

Cowboy Foe:  Rex Burkhead was a beast as he ran for 175 yards and two touchdowns.  He is so strong that when Wyoming was able to take him it down it usually took more then one tackler.

Video highlights are after the jump.