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Still Time Left To Jump On the Wyoming Bandwagon for 2011!

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Wyoming Bandwagon
Wyoming Bandwagon

Most college football fans have just one main team that they root for each year.  Often times there may be one team that you will adopt over the year after a few weeks.  If you're not currently a Wyoming fan and have an opening for a secondary team in your heart this year I urge you to consider the Wyoming Cowboys.  It is better to say I liked them before the season starts then later on down the road it becomes all trendy.  Not saying that we'll deny you membership on the bandwagon in week 6 or 10 it is just that things will be much more crowded then.

Early adopters are greatly appreciated because good seats are going fast!

Here are a few reasons on why Wyoming should appeal to you:

  • True freshmen QB.  Who doesn't love seeing a young player break on to the scene and tear things up.  You can tell people to check out Brett Smith even before the major media catches on to his talents.
  • Bounce back.  After a 3-9 season last year Wyoming is coming off a down year.  Teams coming back from losing seasons are always some of the best stories in college football.   
  • Unique School Colors.  You either love or hate Wyoming's uniforms with the gold and brown color scheme.  The unique school colors is what sets the Cowboys apart and now we even have the new brown helmet which will make it's debut in week two.  Fashion trend setters! 
  • Saturday football.  You can always know what day the Cowboys are playing on since the games are always played on Saturday.  None of that weeknight football for the Pokes. 
  • Non AQ School.  If you hate the BCS, which nearly everyone does.  Then the path to changing the system is success by non AQ schools.  The better Wyoming and other Mountain West schools do then the better chance that system will change.    
  • Small Population.  When the Cowboys win not only does the entire state celebrate, the entire area code 307 does as well.  Cheers for the little guy!
  • Highest FBS Stadium.  If you love extremes then the 7220 feet of elevation at War Memorial Stadium are sure to please.  The thin mountain air can also create unique weather situations so you never know when a nice sunny day can turn into a snow storm at halftime. 

Don't be shy at all here folks,  hop on the Wyoming bandwagon now so you can enjoy our deluxe twelve game package.  We have the low low early season special price of free running for a limited time only.