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Wyoming Pulls Out A 35-32 Victory Over Weber State

What was nearly a horrific start of the season for Wyoming turned into an exhilarating moment and a win for the Cowboys.  It wasn't always pretty but the end result is what Wyoming needed to keep a future bowl game alive..  I'm so glad that I wasn't put in a situation where I would I have to put lipstick on a loss to a FCS school.  There are obviously plenty of concerns about the defense and rightfully so but for the most part let's celebrate the victory for the Pokes.

Brett Smith started his Wyoming career on a down note and ended up with the big finish.  After throwing a pick on his first collegiate pass he settled down and grew more comfortable with the offense.  On the night Smith finished 27 of 41 for 294 yards passing, three touchdowns plus one score on the ground.  So nearly 300 yards passing and four total touchdowns from a true freshmen?  Yes, I will take that today and any other game this year.  BTW Smith just needs eight more touchdowns to equal the twelve total that ACS had last year.

Robert Herron certainly looks like his freshmen confidence issues are behind him.  He was the Pokes most dangerous wideout and finished with seven catches for 104 yards and two touchdowns including the game winner.  His speed is much better suited for playing receiver then running back and is very dangerous if given space which is how he scored his 45 yard touchdown.

There were strong performances by all three running backs.  Very excited to see Gregg Brandon utilizing the backs more in the passing game.  Alvester Alexander carried eight times for 30 yards but he also caught six passes for 62 yards.  Last year he only had 134 yards receiving the entire season.  Brandon Miller came on strong early but didn'thave his number called as often later in the game.  Still he ended up with 94 total yards, 58 rushing and 36 receiving.  It would have been great to have both backs go over 100 total yards in the game.  Ghaali Muhammad put 35 yards on five carries for a 5.8 yard average.  He also had a key punt block which was vital.  

I'm certainly pleased with the offense as a whole and how they performed.  Wyoming doesn't have a grew history  of opening up strong in season opener,  Good news is there the offense put up 35 points put tonight was which was their best effort since 2006.  Obviously the defense is the main weakness and where the Pokes struggled across the board.  There are plenty of Wyoming fans out  there that listed the issues with defensive tonight.  Giving up 541 yards to a FCS is not what needed to happen tonight.  From here the only place they can really go is up.

We're going to do things a little different this year with our awards.  Instead of handing out our Cowboy Joe, Cowboy Low and Cowboy Foe awards we will do those in a separate post that will go up later on Sunday.  It is very easy to dissect this game and point all the things that wrong, for now I want to savior and the beauty of a perfectly executed two minute drill.