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Remembering Ruben Narcisse: One Year Later

Ruben Narcisse #12.  (Photo courtesy of the Laramie Boomerang)
Ruben Narcisse #12. (Photo courtesy of the Laramie Boomerang)

Today marks the one year anniversary of the day Wyoming linebacker Ruben Narcisse passed away in a one car accident on highway 287.  It was the morning of Labor Day just two days after Narcisse helped Wyoming celebrate their season opening victory over Southern Utah.   He was a passenger in a truck with three other teammates who went to visit friends in Colorado.  On their way back the driver fell asleep and the vehicle drifted off the road.  That accident at 5:27 a.m. sent shock waves that would effect his family living thousands of miles away in Miami, FL and his teammates in Laramie. 

His locker has laid untouched since the accident and will stay that way until the class he entered with graduates in 2015.  His teammates wore his initials on their helmets all year long in 2011.  Each week one individual was allowed to wear the the #12 jersey to honor Narcisse and nearly every time that player had a season best performance as they played for his memory.  From this point forward DE Sonny Puletasi will wear the #12 jersey ever game to honor Narcisse who was his roommate when they both first moved to Laramie.

This site was only seven days old when this tragic accident happened and I still think about that day.  I think about Ruben who was just starting an exciting adventure at a new school and how far he was from his family.  Almost all of us have known someone young that passed away and it is never an easy thing to handle.  A bright future that is taken early is never fair.  I'm a father myself and would not know what to do if something like this happened my daughter.  

I have Ruben's initials on the sidebar of this site and they will always stay here.  Ruben Narcisse, you are "Always a Cowboy" and I will never forget you.  Your teammates will never forget and the fans of Wyoming will never forget you. 


This weekend Ruben's family will be traveling to Laramie for the game and there is sure to be a ceremony to mark the occasion.  This will be their first time being back at campus since the memorial service last year.  Here is one final video about Ruben and what he means to this teammates.