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Cowboy Altitude BlogPoll Week 2 Ballot

Here we have our second ballot for weekly BlogPoll.   Thoughts on our selections are posted after the jump.


LSU takes the top spot after their dismantling of the Ducks.  It may have been harsh to knock Oregon out of the top 10 but this may be hard for them to recover from.  The Russell Wilson express helped the Badgers move up to third.  I know that Auburn has left out of several polls after they squeaked by Utah State.  They had a number of close games last year and the main thing is they didn't quit like the fans that left early.  Oklahoma nearly lost to Utah State last year as well.

Baylor deserves some major credit  for knocking off TCU and it will be to see where they go from here.  As for TCU I don't believe that their defense is as bad as it looked on Friday.  The real test will happen this weekend when they square off with Air Force who I kept in the top 25 despite dropping a couple spots.  With a healthy Case Keenum I have Houston now cracking the top 25.  South Florida knocking off Notre Dame gives the Big East two schools in the top 20.

Feel free to critiuqe my ballot as much as you wish.  I'm certain I ranked Sparty to high as they did not look good against Youngstown State.   They better show this up this week vs Florida Atlantic.