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Preview: Wyoming vs Texas State

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Damn, I thought Wyoming was done having to play teams with players in their 30's now that BYU is gone.  Turns out we have to face Scott Bakula and Sinbad together.  Bakula still has a strong arm that makes the Armadillos errr.. I mean Bobcats dangerous.  Meanwhile Sinbad is trying to piece together a career so he doesn't end up on the street.  Currently he is working the always glamorous small casino circuit.  

Wyoming faces their second straight FCS opponent and unfortunately there are a few more questions for the Pokes then expected.  The 35-32 come from behind victory got everyone excited about the offense pulling out the game.  It also depressed Cowboy fans since the defense allowed the game to get that close.   If you missed it make sure you read our Q&A with a Texas State site Bobcat Reprt to get a better insight into the Bobcats.  

This is a huge game for the defense because we can finally tell if this game one performance was a fluke or will be the norm for the season.  Teams usually make big adjustments from week one to week two after finally having some real game footage to go over.

Wyoming played eleven true freshmen in the opener and I'm sure that several of them were kind of wide eyed during the situation.  Some of the major jitters will be gone now and the speed of the game will feel a lot more comfortable.  I'd expect more catches from WR Dominic Ruffran who was targeted several times by Brett Smith but only caught one pass.  OLB Mark Nzeocha should also be more aggressive this game. 

Here are a couple keys to game for Wyoming.

Depth and Endurance

Due to Texas State being a FCS school they have less scholarships to offer so Wyoming has big advantage on depth.  That 20 players difference is huge for player rotation and something that Wyoming needs to exploit heavily.  The Bobcats will already be suffering due to long trip and elevation.  Last year their longest road trip was to Louisiana so making the trip to Wyoming will be a lot harder to adjust to.  

In order to wear out the defense Wyoming should employ a heavy ground attack the first half.  Hold onto the ball as long as possible and cause the Bobcat defense to wear out.   Texas DT Blake McColloch is only 250 pounds which will be a weak spot for Wyoming to exploit.   Weber State won the time of possession battle last week and we can't have that repeat itself.

Pressure the Quarterback

Texas State employs the option and QB Shaun Rutherford was the teams leading rusher with 86 yards.  They totaled 256 yards on the ground as a team last week against Texas Tech.  Weber State boasted one of the best offensive lines in FCS last year and they showed that in week one.  The Bobcats don't boast that same strength at offensive line.  Senior guard D.J. Hall is the one linemen that does stand out as he was a preseason all FCS All-America pick.  Hall and one teammate are above 300lbs but no one else is more then 285.  The backup RT is listed at just 245 lbs. 

The defensive line of Wyoming should have a much easier job getting to the quarterback.  The fact that Texas State runs the option actually helps the Cowboys who have done a good job against Air Force the last two years.  

Certainly this will be a test for Wyoming and hopefully they will pass with flying colors.  Here's to the offense continuing it's strong play and the defense getting things figured out.

Score Prediction

Wyoming 34 Texas State 21