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Happy 51st Birthday Coach Dave Christensen!

On this day exactly 51 years ago a young Dave Christensen was born complete with goatee and headset. He was born a coach and that is exactly what he did. He coached kids in the neighborhood, stray animals and family members. Growing up in Everett, WA he put together a team of other eight and nine years old in a five block radius. Christensen produced a high powered offensive scheme that dominated the Everett Public Football League for kids under 10.

For years he experimented with different formations. He tried run heavy offenses like the Delware Wing T and Maryland I. Then he wanted to open things up and throw the ball. He tried to run an offense with just a center, nine receivers and a quarterback but it was deemed illegal and too explosive. Christensen had to underground with his covert team and illegal offense. They traveled around playing kids in sandlots and hustling them out of lunch money.

That renegade coaching lifestyle wore on Christensen and he wanted to go legit. Eventually he parred things down to the spread offense that we have today. And that pretty much sums up the fake first 51 years of Dave Christensen's life.

Here is a special song from your assumed favorite Muppet the Swedish Chef,

Others that share January 17th as a birthday include:

  • Betty White (90)
  • Muhammad Ali (70)
  • James Earl Jones (81)
  • Vidal Sassoon (84)
  • Jim Carrey (50)
  • Michelle Obama (48)
  • Kid Rock (41)

Have a good one coach!