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Mountain West Football Pick Em' - Final Results

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This entire season we've had a contest amongst our members of Panel of Pokes. We picked the winner of every Mountain West game for 14 weeks plus the bowl games. After those 14 weeks the battle for the top spot still came down to just one seperating our leaders heading into this final round.

Here were the final standings heading into the bowl games.

Matt Blaylock - PokePride 76
Matt Hargleroad - C.A. 75
Skyler Corcoran - C.A. 71
Brad Reed - WyoNation 68
Ian McMackin - GoWyoGo 67
Chad Smith - 7220 Report 67

Took a look after the jump to see who claimed victory.

Here is the link for our bowl picks if you want to check them out.

After everything was tallied up here are the final standings:

Last Week Bowl Points Total
Matt Hargleroad 75 5 80
Matt Blaylock 76 3 79
Skyler Corcoran 71 3 74
Brad Reed 68 3 71
Chad Smith 67 3 70
Ian McMackin 67 2 69

So there you have it. Some how I pulled out a come from behind victory in the final week. Unfortunately that also required the Mountain West losing two more bowl games. I was the only one who predicted a loss for San Diego State or Air Force and both of those were very close games. None of us predicted a Temple victory in the New Mexico Bowl.

After 15 total weeks the margin for the entire group was still just 11 points.

I'll do my victory speech in the form of a video.