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Lorenzo Romar Is Not A Fan Of Playing At Elevation

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With Colorado now a member of the PAC 12 and the means that the Washington Huskies will make an annual trip to Boulder. A lot of fans and coaches will discredit the effect that elevation will have on a team during a game. Glad to see that Huskie coach Lorenzo Romar is solidily in the "It can be a big factor" camp.

Found this article and I thought Wyoming fans would get a kick out of it.

Check out his story on playing at Wyoming back in 2004.

Romar recalled a not-so-enjoyable trip to play the University of Wyoming in Laramie in 2004.

"We were already struggling that year," he said. "And you’re at the arena and you are walking up a tunnel and you are walking up and you are walking up and finally when you get to the top where the locker room is, they have this sign that reads, ‘Welcome to Laramie, Wyoming, elevation seven thousand, two hundred and something. How’s your oxygen?’" Romar could only shake his head at what happened next.

"Our guys were walking up and everything was fine," Romar said. "Then they read it. And a couple of them went (Romar simulates breathing heavily), ‘Man, coach, I’m out of breath.’ Nothing was said until they read that sign."It got no better once the game started for Romar and the Huskies."We got down 29-4," Romar said.

"We were exhausted and running in slow motion."No wonder he didn’t want to ask his team about the elevation. "Well, that was 7,000 feet, this is nothing, this is only 5,000," he deadpanned.

Obviously elevation can only play a partial factor in the performance of a team. You still need to make sure that your team has talented players and that they are well coached. We've seen what a huge effect the latter has had on the Cowboy basketball team this year. The Cowboys are 10-0 at home and play tenacious defense. That will be an unwelcome sight for any team that makes a trip to 7220.