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Cowboy Altitude BlogPoll Ballot for Week Five

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We decided to shake things up a bit this week with our BlogPoll Ballot.

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Voting Alabama #1 every week was getting really boring. So we went west coast with our ballot and put the Oregon Ducks at #1. In fact we gave Florida State the second spot and dropped the Tide down to #3.

Our biggest gainers were the Oregon State Beavers who earn In-And-Out Burgers every time they win. That is a tradition I can get behind. Smash Burger would also be a great reward.

Nevada stayed in the top 25 along with Ohio and Utah State. Stanford, Oklahoma, and Michigan State dropped out the top 25. Probably a bit harsh on Stanford but following a big win with a big loss is not a way to show consistency.

Let me know your thoughts on the ballot in the comments.