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Wyoming Hoops Starts Practice Today

The first steps of the 2012-13 season begin this afternoon in Arena-Auditorium.

Ethan Miller - Getty Images

At 5pm Larry Shyatt, his staff and players will meet for their first official practice of the upcoming season. After exceeding expectations last year Shyatt faces a new challenge with a big roster shakeup. Six seniors including three starters from last year are gone from a team that finished 21-12. Now the underclassmen outnumber upperclassmen with a ratio of 2 to 1.

There is a new addition to the roster in walk-on Aaron Tyser, who is a 6-4 200lb guard from Buffalo, WY. He is a redshirt freshmen that attended Sheridan College last and redshirted. Interesting that he would sit out a year at a JC and then head to Laramie. As a senior in high school Tyser was named 3A Player of the Year and averaged 16 points, seven rebounds and two assists. There is plenty of depth at guard this year, we'll see if Tyser is able to see the court this year.

The first exhibition game of the season isn't till 10/31. So we still have some time before we'll see the Pokes in action. Still this is still an exciting event to celebrate. Very excited to see what the second chapter of the second Larry Shyatt era holds for us.

We'll have much more on the Cowboys and a season preview as we get closer to November.

Looking for season tickets? There is a Select-A-Seat event taking place at the AA from 11:30am to 2:30pm on Saturday.