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Game Day Forecast: Anything Goes

Ready for some Wyoming weather? This will certainly be an interesting homecoming and football game thanks to the weather. There will be wind, rain and snow for the homecoming parade.

There is already about and inch of snow on the ground and high winds to boot. As fans woke up this morning they were surprised by the amount of snowfall that happened over night. That will make things very interesting for the days festivities.


Kickoff is not until 5pm so there is plenty that can happen over the course of the day. Current temps are 36 degrees (feels like 28).

Around noon things should have warmed up to 46 degrees and the rain should die down for a bit. Don't expect much of a respite as showers are expected to start up again around three o'clock and last till seven. The forecast is expected be about 52 degrees at kickoff and only drop a bit during the game.

With a slushy rain/snow mixture it will make for interesting conditions on the field. The run game could be challenged for both teams. It could also make it more difficult for Air Force to pull off their triple option attack. We'll see how Wyoming's receivers handle trying to catch a wet football.

Wyoming weather will certainly make this is an interesting homecoming and football game.