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Cowboys Shake Up Depth Chart Against Fresno State

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There will be plenty of question marks of who will play for the Cowboys this weekend.

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Injuries and performances have kept the depth chart shuffling for Wyoming this year. This week is no exception as there is plenty to talk about.

Let's start off with the biggest question which is quarterback. Right the starter will be Brett Smith OR Jason Thompson. The health of Smith will determine whether he plays or not. The reason he missed the Air Force game is because he actually suffered another concussion against Nevada. Once you suffer a concussion it can make it much easier to have it occur again. This is certainly a serious situation and I would really hate for this to develop into something that could effect his future at Wyoming or beyond.

The team kept him out last week as a precaution. The reason it wasn't announced was to keep Air Force from knowing who they would be facing. Now Fresno State has to prepare for either quarterback to play this week. I would expect Thompson to see plenty of playing time even if Smith gets the start.

Brandon Miller is now a receiver. No seriously... for real this time. I swear, he is no longer a running back. After shuffling back and forth the last two years it looks like Miller will stick at wide receiver. That is until DC changes his mind again next year. On the year Miller had 153 yards rushing and 134 yards receiving. He didn't get any carries last week and the freshmen shined. Miller struggled to gain yards after contact on his runs, I expect him to be much effective when used in the passing game.

With Miller gone that means that D.J. May is now your top running back. That is something we've been calling to happen for weeks. May has only 37 carries while Shaun Wick, Miller and Smith have had 47. Still May leads the team with 226 yards rushing and 6.11 yards per carry. No one else is above a four yard average. Last week May gained 94 yards to help lead a renewed ground attack. Wick is #2 and will still see a fair number of carries.

The other position of change involves the safeties. Darrenn White will start at free safety this week. Strong safety is a huge question mark. The starter will be either Luke Ruff, Luke Anderson or Chad Reese. It mainly depends on the health of Ruff and Anderson.

There are some injuries effecting the defensive line. Mike Purcell, Miraldo Michel and Kurt Taufa'asua are all listed as day-to-day. The d-line will be vital to help put pressure on Derek Carr and stop Robbie Rouse at the line of scrimmage.