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Coach Christensen Gains Popularity With "Howdy Doody" Rant

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A viral video has created an upswing of support for Coach Christensen.


After the loss to Air Force we saw a small clip of the interaction between Wyoming coach Dave Christensen and Air Force coach Troy Calhoun. Christensen was upset about a play where Falcon quarterback Connor Dietz had to leave the field because his helmet came off. Instead of coming straight off the field Dietz sat down down 10 yards from the sideline after encouragement from Air Force coaches. This gave backup Kale Pearson at least five minutes to get warmed up and ready to come into the game.

Coach Christensen has since apologized for his behavior after game and comments made in the press conference. The Mountain West gave him verbal slap on the wrist afterwards.

Today we found out more about what exactly Christensen said to Calhoun. And it was quite a doozy of one liners that will live on for years.

The following video contains plenty of foul language and it is not intended for kids. It is most definitely NSFW.

What we have here is a coach releasing the frustration that a 1-5 record including four narrow losses creates. Heading into the year Wyoming was considered to be a contender for a Mountain West championship. Instead injuries to key starters has kept the Pokes from putting their best team on the field.

Wyoming fans have especially been critical of Christensen this season. The passion and fury he showed in that video gained some much needed support from much of the fanbase.

Here is a collection of responses from Wyoming message boards.

  • "My god that is awesome. My feelings for Christensen just went up about 500%. Those were some great lines. Just awesome. I don't think Joe Glenn was wrong to give that turd from Utah the finger, and I don't mind Christensen losing his shit. I think it's some great local color."
  • "I love this! I've been upset with Christensen for most of the season so far, but I'm 100% behind him now. Not only was that hilarious, but it was absolutely appropriate. By appropriate, I mean that Calhoun deserved it...not that he should have dropped 70 F-bombs/minute with TV cameras on him."
  • "The guy fights for his players, and I like that. This shows how much he hates losing, and I'll be damned if this video doesn't prove to me that he'll go to hell and back to figure out how to start winning some damn games."
  • "Honestly, the passion he shows make me like him more."

The reaction from outside Wyoming has been mixed, Some have found it incredibly entertaining while others have found it shameful.

In his four years in Laramie Christensen has been fairly reserved with the media and really tried to keep things as private as possible when it comes to injuries and personal matters. We finally got to see a glimpse of what Christensen can do. I now know that if if I were involved in a back alley brawl I'd want to DC to be on my side. He would also be pretty fun to have with a beer with afterwards to relive the whole thing.