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Wyoming Depth Chart Updates For Boise State

With all the hubbub centered around Dave Christensen it is almost hard to remember that there is actually a football game being played this week.

Otto Kitsinger III

Wyoming now sits at six losses and one more would officially eliminate them from a bowl game. Not that many Poke fans were even thinking about a bowl game lately. So this game certainly holds importance for the Cowboys and also for Boise State who is in the drivers seat to a conference title.

With Coach Kaligis helming the ship for the Pokes, he won't have his best crew available for this game. A number of injuries have hit the last couple weeks that are still effecting the depth chart.


Brett Smith is listed as the starter by himself. Still you have to expect Jason Thompson to get a fair number of snaps.


Everything stays the same with May, Wick and Easton in that order. Easton didn't get any carries last week. Nehemie Kankolongo was active last week but didn't get any carries. Would love to see him get an opportunity after working his way back from another injury.


Brandon Miller is listed as a starter over Jalen Claiborne this week. Herron will finally be playing in two games in a row for this first time this year. Hope he can stay healthy the rest of the year.


The offensive line will have plenty to deal this week with the Boise defense. They will be without Kyle Magnuson who was injured last week. RFr Austin Traphagan will get the start at right tackle in place of Magnuson. His backup is juco transfer Connor Rains who has kept his redshirt intact this year. The staff hopes Rains and Walker Madden (backup to Josh Leonard) can avoid playing this year and keep their year of eligiblity.

Nothing changed with the defensive line or linebackers. The secondary is a whole different situation.


Darrenn White will start at cornerback opposite Blair Burns. His backup DeAndre Jones. Marqueston Huff was hurt last week and is not even on the depth chart. Also missing is Luke Ruff. Chad Reese starts at free safety with Luke Anderson behind him. Mark Nzeocha is back starting again at strong safety, his backup is Andrew Meredeith.


The biggest question marks for Wyoming this week will the offensive line. Can they protect the quarterback to allow enough time to find an open receiver? Can they open up running lanes for the young running backs to exploit? Last week the answer to both of those questions was no.

The Broncos are averaging 215 passing yards on the year. Joe Southwick may finally find his groove against a depleted Cowboy secondary.

Wyoming is a 16.5 point underdog this weekend. There is snow in the forecast and that could make things interesting for both teams.