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Time to get know more about the Boise State Broncos. Well sort of.

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When you're looking entertainment and gaining some knowledge on the Boise State Broncos then your first and only stop should be One Bronco Nation Under God which affectionately goings by the shorter OBNUG. Kevan Lee from OBNUG and I swapped Q&A's to help prepare for the game.


1. Is Joe Southwick really the future for Boise State?

The future of the rest of this season: Yes. He is clearly the team's best option at quarterback, and while the fanbase might long for better options, he is the cards we've been dealt with. Sort of a Jack-Nine, unsuited. The future of next season: Maybe. Presumably, he will go into the spring and fall as the default starter, but I would be lying if I told you he will start in 2013 for sure. Nick Patti, the people's choice, will be in his redshirt season and could very well outplay Southwick for the starting job if everything goes according to Bronco Nation fan fiction. The future of two years from now: No. He's a junior this year, and Boise State will have a guaranteed new guy in 2014, Big East Year Two. For some fans, this cannot happen fast enough.

2. Has it been difficult seeing this team not be as dominant as past teams?

There are obvious missed opportunities that drive you crazy: incomplete deep passes, turnovers, poor tackling. Those are frustrating to watch, if only because this year's team has less margin of error. Previous Boise State teams did all those things, but they were up 35 when they did. It is certainly more difficult for me to watch games. I love a good blowout because I can relax and watch football instead of living and dying on every play. Sounds like a personal problem, I know. I just got used to a certain level of perfection from the Kellen Moore Broncos, and it has taken some time to get used to winning homely (a step up from winning ugly).

3. When was the last time the Broncos played in snowy conditions? What is your favorite legal winter activity?

There were snow flurries during the Boise State - Nevada game two years ago. OH WAIT, THAT GAME NEVER HAPPENED. I'm no historian, but I do remember some snowy game at BYU several years back. There has been snow in the forecast and on the ground at games before, but rarely a driving snowstorm that I can remember. Favorite legal winter activity: skiing the green ski runs as fast as I can. Favorite illegal winter activity: hooky-bobbing.

4. How many Bronco fans are making the trip to Laramie?

Boise State has sold its ticket allotment, so expect to see a significant amount of orange in the stands (the Broncos actually do suggest a color scheme for away games, how obsessive are we?).

5. Wyoming and Colorado State have their big rivalry game "The Border War" taking place next week. Is there really a main rival that Boise State has now? Name the various liquids that have been likely put into that milkjug trophy. Boise State's rival is and always will be the University of Idaho. I may be the only person who believes this, considering the Broncos don't even try to schedule the Vandals any more and Idaho hasn't beaten BSU in a couple decades. Other candidates include Nevada, Fresno State, and TCU, but none of those teams will be with the Broncos in the Big East. A darkhorse for future hated rival is San Diego State. I don't know why I'm supposed to hate them yet, but I'm willing to learn. Milkjug liquids: Milk, vomit, Lysol.

6. Can we just talk about basketball instead?

No thanks. I don't know how to do that.