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Cowboys Fall To #21 Boise State 45-14

The Pokes had some fine moments in this game. Unfortunately the third belonged to Boise State and put the game out of reach.


I basically accomplished two things yesterday: watch the Wyoming game and later saw Galaxy Quest for the first time. Neither was great, I'm certain that I would rather watch the Pokes performance than sit through Galaxy Quest again.

While Wyoming did lose by 31 points and fall to 1-7 (0-4) it was still a better performance than last week. The Pokes were facing a top 25 program that boasts one of the top defenses in the country. The offense was able to put three impressive drives and Brett Smith looked like the quarterback we fell in love with last year. Smith was shredding the Boise secondary in the first half and showed off his running ability that had been off limits for much of this year. The Pokes were the first team to score in the first half against Boise in five games.

You could tell that Smith felt much more comfortable this week and his confidence was much higher. On the day Smith was 24 for 35 for 216 yards passing. He also had touchdown runs of 4 and 23 yards while gaining 68 yards. Due to four sacks Smith only ended up with nine total rushing yards.

The Wyoming run game was held in check for most of the game. Still when they needed to convert a third and short the Pokes were able to do so on the ground. That is something this team couldn't do against Toledo or Cal Poly. The Cowboys first two drives ate up a significant amount of time on the clock. The Pokes were able to convert 11 of 18 third down attempts in the game.

The first Wyoming drive ended up in a blocked field attempt, luckily Wyoming was able to score on their next possession. The Bronco defense toughened up after that and Wyoming wouldn't score again until the fourth quarter. The halftime score was just a 17-7 lead for Boise State. Chad Reese intercepted Joe Southwick at the goal line and returned it 50 yards. He could have taken it all the way but one of his blockers missed an assignment. In the third quarter Boise put up 21 straight points to nail this one down.

The Cowboys were overmatched on both sides of the ball. Still I saw the team fighting for the entire game. I feel much better about their remaining games than I did last week. It would have been easy to quit after last weeks loss. That did not happen. There were a few miscues and a fumble returned for a touchdown helped basically seal the victory for the Broncos. Credit to the powerful running attack of Boise State: D.J. Harper and Jay Ajayi are a great tandem.

Wyoming has gotten through the killer part of their schedule. The last four games are not going to be easy but they are winnable. With the team able to put the off field distractions past them, the Pokes can still finish this season on a strong note.

If you've never seen Galaxy Quest then heed my warning and don't. Use this trailer as evidence that your time can be better used doing anything else.