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A Statistical Look At Nevada

Here are some interesting stats we found on the Nevada Wolf Pack. Some are positive while others are negative. This is a very interesting opponent stat wise.

  • 101 - The number of plays for 10 or more yards this year. That figure leads the Mountain West. That is slightly more than 20 plays for 10+ yards per game.
  • 0 - The number of plays for 60 or more yards this year.
  • 155 - Number of total first downs. That is 31 per game, Wyoming only averages 18.5.
  • 88.8 - The number of penalty yards Nevada is averaging per game. That is worst in the Mountain West by 22 yards.
  • 12 - Total sacks by the Nevada defense. Second best in the Mountain West.
  • 3 - The number of sacks allowed.
  • 19 - Average yards per punt return by Khalid Whooten. Tops in the MW, Wyoming is second at 15.33. yards per return.
  • 51.39 - 3rd down conversion %.
  • 42.31 - Opponents 3rd down conversion %.
  • 2788 - Total offense gained in five games.
  • 877 - Rushing yards for Stefphon Jefferson in five games. He'll likely break 1000 yards in just six games.
  • 37.5 - Opponents fourth down conversion %. Wyoming has yet to stop a team on fourth down when they got for it.
  • 88 - Red Zone conversion %. Wyoming and Hawaii lead the conference at 92.3%.
  • 278.2 - The number passing yards allowed per game by Nevada.

Well that wraps up this quick statistical look at Nevada. Anything stand out to you?