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Falcons Edge Is Shrinking

When the odds for Wyoming and Air Force were released on Sunday the Falcons had a decent spread at 5.5 points. That number has now shrunk down to just 2.5 points in two days.

One reason for the change may have been questions about the availability of Brett Smith. After he was ejected from the Nevada game there was a possibility that he could have missed additional playing time. The Mountain West reviewed the situation and decided that there was no additional action needed. Losing Smith for any portion of the game would have severely hurt the Pokes chances at keeping close in this game.

Last week Wyoming nearly beat Nevada despite being a 16.5 point underdog. They were able to control the powerful running game of the Wolf Pack. Now they will try and contain the Falcons triple option and the nation's new leading rusher Cody Getz. The Cowboys helped Getz to take the national rushing leader spot by limiting former leader Stefphon Jefferson to 78 yards.

Last year Wyoming broke Air Force's five year win streak in the series. Wyoming gave up 325 rushing yards to Cal Poly who runs the triple option as well. Will that practice help the Cowboys this weekend?

Let us know in the comments your predictions for the game.