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Panel Of Pokes: Rebel Rousers

The Pokes are heading to Vegas. Will they they win big or lose it all in Sin City?

Ethan Miller

First off there a couple ways you can watch the game on Saturday. If you have DirecTV you are in luck! Time Warner SportsNet just agreed to a deal with DirecTV and the game will be broadcast on channel 691.

If you live in Wyoming the game will also be available locallly on both K2TV, Casper and KKTU, Cheyenne. The DirecTV agreement is very good news for Wyoming basketball fans as Time Warner SportsNet will also carry several conference games this year.



Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 buckeyeman11 53 53-17
2 mrtnt3x 52 52-18
3 MrTitleist FTW! 52 52-18
4 Rowdie Road 51 51-19
5 50 50-20


Poke Pick: QB Brett Smith

Score Prediction: WYOMING 35 UNLV 31

The Cowboys should move the ball on UNLV similiarly to UW's performance against New Mexico. The good news is the team hasn't stopped playing hard and this is a good sign finishing the season with two games remaining and setting the tone for next season.

UNLV is a bit unpredictable, dangerous team, especially at home for the Cowboys and you never can tell when you'll get their best shot. The Rebels have the capability of scoring points against a Wyoming defense that has struggled consistently stopping all their opponents. I see the Poke defense making enough plays, plus a few key turnovers and Brett Smith will be too much for UNLV at the end of the day.

Matt Blaylock - Poke Pride

Poke Pick: Ghaali Muhammad

I picked UNLV to win this game before the season started with the final score being 35-34. I am going to stick with that score but I now say The Pokes will pull it out. Brett Smith looks to be back 100% and this team plays 10 times better when he is under or behind center. Wyoming is on a two game win streak and there goal was to win there last four and with there only being two games left this has to be a win.Look fir a big game from Smith and one of the running backs and don't be surprised if the Wyoming defense puts the heat in the backfield. All-in-all The Pokes will just be to much for UNLV to handle.

Final Score: Wyoming 35 UNLV 34


My pick this week is going to be Robert Herron. Yes, I know I'm breaking my trend here, but why not. Herron and Smith are hitting on deep balls pretty much weekly now. The two are very obviously in sync now and are peaking at the end of the season.. unfortunately, it's the end of the season and there will be no bowl game. Hopefully a string of wins to finish off the season will carry some momentum into next season. The combination of Smith and Herron has been deadly this season as the two constantly hook up for long bombs. Having the combination healthy in the lineup makes the Cowboys a better team and their explosiveness can change the game in an instant. Can you imagine what the season would have looked like had these two played together in its entirety? I think we'd be talking about a completely different team.

The Rebels are coming into the game likely without their starting super QB Nick Sherry who is out with an injury. That's not good news for the lowly Rebels. With Sherry out that's going to put a big workload on running back Tim Cornett. Cornett could pose some problems for the Cowboys as they've struggled with rushers on the season, but somehow held backs Stephfon Jefferson and Cody Getz in check. Can they do the same to Cornett? If so, I would say the Cowboys have a better than average chance at beating the Rebels. For the Pokes to win this game they need to keep the balance of rushing and passing as well as everyone make sure their assignments are taken care of on defense. The Pokes have to be solid against the run to keep this from being a nailbiter. Cornett is one of the top backs in the MW and the defense will need to be on its toes to keep this from getting out of control. Shut down Cornett? Win the game, pretty easy. The offense has done a good job of limiting mistakes, but they still need to capitalize on their opponents side of the 50. One thing I've noticed the last couple of games is their success on 3rd and long. That's been quite useful, but you don't want to find yourself in those situations too often. I think the Pokes roll here and we see a 38-20 score.

Go Pokes!

Matt Hargleroad - Cowboy Altitude

Poke Pick: Blair Burns

The sophomore cornerback has come on strong the last few weeks. He will make it very hard for the Rebels to have much success with the passing game.

The Rebels have been one of the most inconsistent teams in the Mountain West. They are terrible on the road but luckily for them the game is in Vegas. I still have Wyoming playing better at this point in the year and expect the Pokes to pull this out.

Score: Wyoming 28 UNLV 24