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GameThread: 2012 Border War

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The Cowboys can make some history today in the 2012 Border War.

2011 Bronze Boot
2011 Bronze Boot
Cowboy Altitude

2009 - Bronze Boot

2010 - Bronze Boot

2011 - Bronze Boot

2012 - ?

This season has not gone the way the Pokes planned. Keeping the Boot a fourth straight year would be a big boost for the players, coaches and fans. The Sheep haven't won a Border War since 2008, let's keep it that way. There are a group of seniors who have won every Border War in their career to this date. They need to finish with a perfect record.

The game day forecast is pretty amazing considering it is now November. Hard to ask for better football and tailgating weather than 50 degrees and clear skies.

If you are at the game today and see a guy wearing a Cowboy Altitude logo shirt - that is The Road. Be sure to say "Hi" if you see me. Would love to meet some readers in person.