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I was lucky enough to attend my second straight Border War. This time I had media access and was all able to capture many images from the field before, during and after the game. I was able to capture Blair Burns streaking down the sideline on his 99 yard interception that was returned for a touchdown. I remember the crowd letting out a road and then the Cowboys sideline rose as Burns passed them.

I've been writing about so many of these players for many years. Having a chance to stand so close to them on the field gives you a whole new perspective. Watching the student section come in full force was impressive. They helped create a great environment and supported the Pokes despite their record. The bottom portion of both sides of the stadium were filled to near capacity. This was the best attendance for the Border War in several years. Amazed that so few Sheep fans came up from Colorado. Wyoming traveled much better to Fort Collins last year.