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FANTHROPOLOGY: Tell Us About Your Wyoming Fandom

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Wyoming has some of the best fans in college football.

Ethan Miller

We may not get the publicity that larger schools receive but Wyoming fans love their Cowboys. For those from Wyoming the Cowboys represent who they are, where they are from and what they love about their home. Laramie and Wyoming have their own culture which is unique today. The school colors are Brown and Gold. Things are different at 7220 feet and that is what makes being a Pokes fan so special.

Wyoming fans aren't afraid to speak their minds, have a good time and perhaps let out a curse word or two. We love the Beer Song and the student section chants "First Down Mother$#^*#''s". We have a dude that walks around in a barrel for crying out loud.

As my passion for Wyoming athletics grew over the years, I found it harder and harder to find quality info on the Pokes. That is one reason I started this site. Now I want to hear about your story,

YOUR TURN: In the comments below write about your experience as a Wyoming fan. What have you done to show your fandom? Any amazing trips, stories, memories? Tell us about why you love being a Pokes fan. It doesn't have to be long unless you want it to be.

EACH PERSON HAS ONE ENTRY ON THE SBNATION NETWORK. So if you write your story here, you can't post on Mountain West Connection or OBNUG as well.

WHY: There is a chance you will be greatly rewarded. I will read all the stories and then pick the one that I think is the best. Then I will do a follow up story with that person talking about their love for the Cowboys.

WHAT: The winning entry from each site will be entered into a contest against all the other site winners. A committee will read all the stories and select one overall winner. The winner receivers TWO TICKETS, AIRFARE AND HOTEL to the game or bowl game of their choice, Pretty sweet prize.

Starting writing folks. I would love for a Wyoming fan to enjoy a free trip the football game of their choice.

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