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A Wyoming Cowboy Christmas Wish List

Better to send your Christmas list late rather than never.

Tom Pennington

Only a few days left until Santa makes his dash across the globe. Thanks to a nice buzz from a holiday party I've finally been able to put together a Christmas wish list for Wyoming fans this year. I will continue to produce a list until we finally get those big tickets items we want.

Here goes nothing....

  • A Mountain West Championship - I don't care if it is in tiddly winks, let's see the Pokes win some hardware.
  • An NCAA Tournament Berth - The basketball team is off to a 11-0 start. Let's see them continue that stretch into the new year and make it into the big dance.
  • An NIT Bid - If the NCAA tourney doesn't work then a spot in the NIT would be a nice fallback plan. No more CBI, CBA, two guys and basketball post season tournaments that require you to pay in order to play. This team deserves better than those types of tourneys.
  • STARS - A few more big commits for the 2013 football recruiting class.
  • The Cowboys playing in a 2013 bowl game- Not going to be picky here. Albuquerque is nice but a trip to Vegas or San Diego would be acceptable as well.
  • The Mountain West to stick together - The 10 teams for 2013 keep united and tell the Big East to screw off. Adding a couple other schools would also be a nice treat to create a championship game.
  • A national champion in wrestling - Seeing a Cowboy be the best in the nation would be a great achievement for the school and the program.
  • Five straight Border War victories - The Bronze Boot needs to have a permanent home in Laramie.

Alright this buzz is wearing off. Please add your own items to this list as soon as possible.