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Cowboys Win 56-40 Over UC Santa Barbara, Improve To 12-0

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Recap of tonight's win over the UCSB Gauchos.

Entrance to Arena Auditorium
Entrance to Arena Auditorium

Wyoming men's basketball set a school mark tonight matching the 12-0 best record with a win over UC Santa Barbara. All around this game was very slow paced and close at half time. The Cowboys only led by a point at half. The score was 24-23. The Cowboys took off in the second half and outscore the Gauchos 32-17. Point leaders tonight were Leonard Washington with 17 points, and Luke Martinez with 14 points. Larry Nance J.R. and Derrious Gilmore both brought home 7 points on the offensive side of the ball. Washington grabbed 11 boards for another double double.

Wyoming was able to win by a comfortable margin despite a rough shooting night. Three point shooting was a very big weakness of the Cowboys tonight only shooting 21.7% on 5 of 23. Free throw shooting was also tough as the Pokes hit 13 of 22 or 59.1%. From the field the Cowboys shot shot 39.6%, 19-48. It was nice to see Coach Shyatt clear the bench the last couple minutes of the game.

Alan William of the Gauchos led the team with 16 points, and 10 rebounds. Wyoming only allowed the Gauchos to hit one three pointer the entire game. UCSB only had five assists and also turned the ball over 20 times. The attendance of 5,732 tonight's was decent considering the holiday break.

Below are the top performers for tonight's game:

UC- A. Williams-16 points, 10 rebounds

UW- L. Washington 17 points, 11 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals, 2 blocks.

Tonight was also a historical mark in Cowboy basketball history. With their victory tonight this team tied a record of 12-0 mark that was set by the previous team in 1950-1951. Fact: This team did not even make the postseason which means that Wyoming is not a lock, or even close to a lock f$or the tournament yet.

This team definitely has promise. 12 wins out of 12 games is huge, crazy, unexplainable. I believe that this team is just getting better. The next game will be against SMU on January 2nd. The Cowboys have a well deserved break and a rest before this game. Guess what happens after the SMU game? CONFERENCE PLAY! We are ready, Cowboys nation is ready, the Mountain West Conference is ready. Go Pokes!