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Merry Christmas From Cowboy Altitude

Tis the Season!


Wanted to wish all the readers of Cowboy Altitude and their families a joyous Christmas. Hope that everyone has a happy and very safe holiday season. I really appreciate everyone who takes time out of their day to check out the site and help me going. Without readers like you it would not be worth running this site.

To help you celebrate I posted one of the worst holiday songs of all time. When you start off with Justin Bieber you already know it is going to be bad. Then you add in some Busta Rhymes on top of it and you end up with the worst "Little Drummer Boy" ever. I don't mind Busta on his own but pairing him with Bieber is just bad.

Hope watching this video doesn't leave you with such an awful taste that you never come back to Cowboy Altitude.

Have a great Christmas everyone!