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Important Dates To Help You Pass The Time

There is a lull in Wyoming sports news at the moment. We will help you pass the time and tell you what to look forward to over the next couple weeks.


Less than a week left of 2012, mates. There may not be much Cowboy related news but there is plenty happening that you need to keep on top of still.

Here is a rundown of key events and dates to keep in mind for Cowboy basketball.

12/27 - New Mexico faces #8 Cincinnati in hoops. Two reasons to watch this game. The Lobos are 26th in the AP Poll and three spots ahead of Wyoming. A loss would drop them further down or a win would vault them back into the top 25. The Bearcats are one of five teams (including Wyoming) that is undefeated on the year. We'll see if that group will lose a member.

12/28 - #20 UNLV at North Carolina. The Rebels taking on the Tarheels will be an exciting match up. The Rebels are obviously ranked while UNC is just two spots behind Wyoming.

12/31 - Before the balls drop at midnight you should keep your eye on a couple of basketball scores. #8 Cincinnati travels to face #24 Pitt, if the Panthers lose then that would help Wyoming. #13 Gonzaga At #22 Oklahoma State could also have implications for the Pokes if those orange and black Pokes lose.

1/2 - Wyoming travels to Texas and faces the SMU Mustangs at 6pm MST. Will we see win 13?

Football related dates

12/29 - Armed Forces Bowl. 6-6 Air Force takes on 6-6 Rice this Saturday. This will be the last time a Mountain West team will play football in 2012. Already sitting at 1-3 on the year a win here would help the conference out greatly. Losing to Rice would be a new low for the Mountain West.

1/14 - This is the first day that classes start again at Wyoming for the second semester. This is also the date that the school typically announces if any athletes are not returning to school. It can be due to transfer to just not wanting to stay with the team. This has been a rough time for Pokes in the past. Right now the only players that are not expected to return are longsnappers Zach Ewan and Mason Finnerty. There is certain to be a few more names added to that list. Basically just a wait and see time right now.

A big story that will play out over the next couple days, weeks or months will involve the Mountain West, CBS and Boise State. The TV deal was recently renegotiated and now the conference has some more flexibility with games. CBS gets first pick and then remaining games can be sold to other networks. That has the potential to provide a big boost in income. That change could be the spark required to get Boise State to reconsider their move to the Big East. If the Broncos stay then it means the Mountain West would be in position to become the most powerful group of five conferences and possibly gain more schools.

Where Boise State ends up will likely be the tipping point for conferences that are not automatically part of the new playoff system. These next few weeks will have a huge impact on the future of the Mountain West and the Big East. Make sure you read Mountain West Connection which has done a great job of covering this story.