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Former Wyoming DB Tashaun Gipson Preparing For The NFL Draft

For Wyoming players that have used up their eligibility and have goals making it to the NFL, this is a busy time. Tashaun Gipson is working hard to follow in the steps of his former teammate Chris Prosinski and get drafted by a NFL team this April. Gipson's brother Marcell went undrafted last year and then tried to earn a spot with the Minnesota Vikings.

Gipson did a long interview with the site New Era Scouting and it provides some great insight on his preparations and time at Wyoming.

On his time at Wyoming

Playing at Wyoming helped shape me into the person I am today. I grew up at Wyoming and learned so much. There were growing pains like anyone has but it was a great place for me. The college experience at Wyoming was one of a kind. I made so many great friendships and I cherish that. I met so many good people here from teammates to coaches to friends outside of football. I had an enjoyable college experience and I couldn’t have pictured myself in a better place than here at Wyoming. I love the University of Wyoming and anything I can do for them moving forward would be an honor. I wouldn’t have traded my experience here for anything in the world.

On Preparing for the NFL

Right now I am in Columbus training to fine tune my skills. I am working on everything because you can never be too good in one area. I am working on my speed, my strengths. I want to blow up at my pro day and show everyone what I am capable of doing. I want to be that guy that everyone is amazed by after they see me at pro day. I was invited to an All-Star game and that was a great experience for me as I got a week to talk to coaches and scouts which was helpful. I was also listed on the bubble for the NFL combine which I was a upset about not getting the invite at first but it is what it is and I will prove myself so it isn’t really a big deal after I got thinking about it. It is motivation for me and I have my pro day anyway. I am just focusing on staying in shape and excelling at my pro day.

Greatest Accomplishments

One that really sticks out to me was when we won a bowl game in good fashion. That was a great moment for us as a team and really rewarded us for how hard we had worked. It was memorable because we won the game in triple OT. It was really big for me and my teammates and I wouldn’t trade that win for the world. That is something I will remember for the rest of my life. From a personal stand point I think I proved my durability and skills on the field. I feel I can grow even more with my upside. I was all conference the last two seasons and that was a great achievement and blessing for me. I give god all the glory. Not many guys can say the started as many games as I have in college.

Right now seems like any Wyoming player is kind of low on the radar by most NFL Draft sites. But last year showed that hard work and fine tuning your skills can certainly get you noticed by some teams. That is how Prosinksi ended up with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Alvester Alexander is training down in Dallas. Meanwhile Josh Biezuns and Brian Hendricks are training in Denver.