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Own a Piece Of Wyoming And Mountain West History

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There is sports memorabilia and then there is REAL sports memorabilia.

Now is your chance to own a one of a kind item and a true memento of college football history. The University of Wyoming is having their annual Cowboy Joe Club online auction this month and there is the usual items you'd expect: BBQ sets, Wyoming hats, helmet, and jerseys. There are even some sidelines passes and some fun travel items up for bid. Now those items are great and I would to have any of them. I personally enjoy low-balling high priced items I can't afford just to say I bid on it.

There was one particular item that stuck out to us and this is certainly a once in a life time opportunity. If you are fan of Wyoming, the Mountain West or college football in general then this is something you simply must have! The item up for a bid is the actual conference logo from Jonah Field at War Memorial Stadium. Here is the exact description of the time item from the auction site.

Description: Prior to the 2011 athletic seasons, the Mountain West rebranded itself, which included a new logo. This new logo replaced all existing logos on all competition surfaces, including Jonah Field at War Memorial Stadium. Now, this piece of Mountain West Conference history can be yours! Own the original logo cut out of Jonah Field. This is the perfect addition to the ultimate sports den! Dimensions are approx. 30' wide by 15' tall. (Winning bidder must arrange to pick up item; it cannot be shipped under any circumstances.)

Making this piece even more special is that the Mountain West won't exist anymore after July 1st, 2013. That is when the conference members will form a new league with the teams from Conference USA. That makes this collectors item even more rare - cha ching!

The problem is that this piece of turf is enormous standing 15 feet high and 30 feet wide. That certainly limits where you can display it. If you have a gigantic mancave then this would fit perfectly against one of the walls. Since this is artificial turf it could also be kept outside year round. Have your own mini football field in your backyard!

If you end up winning this monster then you better figure out a way to transport it. UPS is not delivering this to your door. Right now the top bid is $350, that means you'll need to pony up $400 to take the lead. There is a little over two weeks left to bid. This is an item I would love to have. Unfortunately I'm sure the day I brought it home would also be the same day my wife files divorce papers.

If you miss out this opportunity then hopefully the University will auction off the new Mountain West cube logo in a couple years when that gets replaced. If you end up winning this item then please let me see it.