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Wyoming Legislature Says No To University Baseball And Softball

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The process to get collegiate baseball and softball revived at the University of Wyoming was stopped before it even began. The Wyoming legislature removed a $250,000 study from the budget to see if it would be possible bring back the two sports to Laramie. The Legislature is in the process of reviewing their budget the state budget but they voted to remove this study before they would even review the budget.

Sen. Ray Peterson, R-Cowley was spearheading the effort to bring these sports back but it had little support. Wyoming last played collegiate baseball in 1996, while softball was canceled several years prior. Basically the study was going to see how it would work to build an indoor stadium to host baseball and softball games from February until May. I don't really follow college baseball very much but I've never heard of a school that has an indoor field. It couldn't be much worse then Tropicana Field. It certainly would be unique to say the least. For more information on the history of Wyoming baseball you should check out the book Lost Cowboys by Wyoming grad and author Ryan Thorburn.

So obviously baseball and softball won't be making any new resurgences anytime soon. UW at least does have a club baseball team that had a solid season last year.

This article got me thinking a bit. What sports would you like to have Wyoming add in the future?

Budget limits will certainly make it hard any new programs to be added in the near future. With Title 9 there is also the requirement that there must be an equal number of scholarship for men and women added. So it wouldn't be possible to add just one mens sport.

Here are a couple ideas I had on new sports. Be sure to vote and post your thoughts in the comments.

Hockey: Wyoming already has a rink and a club team. The biggest expense for a hockey team is going to be equipment. Traveling with all that equipment is also not cheap. There are plenty of quality hockey teams along the Front Range including: Colorado College, Denver and Air Force. It would be harder to find an opponent once you leave Coloroado though. Hockey players would at least be fine with the winter conditions in Laramie, so that is another plus.

Lacrosse: Lax is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. It is certainly more popular on the eastern seaboard but the University of Denver has created a strong program. The school already has a club team, could they support a D1 program?

Skiing: Wyoming has plenty of snow and lots of local skiing spots. The Nordic Club has also had plenty of success. The high altitude training is great for an endurance sport like xc skiing. Plenty of great competition with schools in Colorado.

Water Polo: The swimming and diving teams have done very well under coach Tom Johnson. There are plans to build a new swimming facility in the next couple years. Perhaps a new waterpolo team could come along with that new building.

Rifle: People from Wyoming tend to know their way around a rifle. However it's not the most exciting spectator sport out there.

Have any other suggestions? Post in the comments!