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Marty English Pulls A Bendict Arnold

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After nine years at the University of Wyoming Marty English is no longer a Cowboy. He spent six seasons working under Joe Glenn and the spent the last three as defensive coordinator under Dave Christensen. He was the only coach retained from the previous staff. This winter Christensen relieved English of his coordinator position and gave it to Chis Tormey. English was still supposed to be a part of the staff and was going to coach the linebackers.

Now I don't blame English for leaving Laramie after basically being demoted. That would be hard for anyone to handle. The problem I have is that English is heading to that armpit of Colorado: Fort Collins. Yes, Marty English will be the defensive line coach for those miserable Colorado State Rams. He could have chosen any other school and I would have wished him all the best. I still wish his family well in this situation but I do not wish him professional success.

Just like Benedict Arnold attempted to give West Point over to the British during the Revolutionary War, English will try and get the Bronze Boot from Wyoming.



George Washington called Benedict Arnold a "Marty English" when he joined the British side.

English is not the first traitor that has switched sides during the Border War and he likely won't be the last. WR coach Dan Hammerschmidt originally coached at Colorado State but came to Laramie for a season when Christensen was first hired in 2009. He then went back to Colorado State a second time in 2010. He is now a free agent after not being retained by Jim McElwain. Interestingly enough McElwain fired Hammerschmidt but then hired his brother Jeff to coach special teams.

McElwain is certainly pulling every trick out of the book with his first coaching job. The sheep faithful are restless because the Bronze Boot hasn't stayed in Fort Collins overnight since 2008. English will obviously bring plenty of knowledge of the Cowboy personnel and play calling with him to CSU.

English was always known for his ability to recruit Colorado. This year Wyoming signed zero players from that state. Is that a statement of the quality of recruits in CO or the fact that English wasn't really planning on sticking around? Not really sure. The same thing happened with Marcus Arroyo before he split for Cal last year. Hopefully English will wise up and end up at a better school eventually (any other school qualifies) and he can enjoy success there. Till then that time comes, thanks for the nines year Marty. You are now green and gold scum.