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Wyoming Offers 2015 QB Cade Smith (West Salem, OR)

The Wyoming football staff is looking way into the future for new recruits. Their latest offer went out to QB Cade Smith of West Salem, OR who won't be graduating till 2015. If the last name and high school sound familiar then you are correct. Cade is the younger brother of current Wyoming QB Brett Smith. While Brett will be entering his sophomore year at Wyoming in the fall, Cade will be a sophomore at West Salem.

So may say that it is too early to offer an athlete who is just a freshmen. It really is a win/win situation in my opinion for the Cowboys. Obviously Wyoming has a good relationship with Brett Smith and his family. The success of Brett will certainly make the the spotlight on Cade even brighter. He likely won't be under the radar of larger schools or scouting services like Brett was. Cade could certainly be another very special athlete like his brother and father. If you recognize a special talent there is no reason to wait on making an offer.

Wyoming has had success in the past with brothers playing QB. The Bramlet brothers from Wheatland, WY certainly had some success in the first part of the century. Currently Cade is listed at 6-0 and 165lbs. Obviously he has more then three years to continue growing and packing on muscle. It will be several years before he commits to any program but I'm glad that Wyoming was the first to offer.

Christensen and his staff have certainly been more proactive in their recruiting lately. The Cowboys were busy offering 2013 recruits before their 2012 class was even signed. It's great to see the aggressiveness that Wyoming is taking towards bringing in top talent. Obviously a lot will happen over the next three years but there is a chance that the Smith brothers could be the starting QB at Wyoming for eight years in a row. Fun to think about.