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Figuring Out The Mountain West Tie Breakers

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With the depth of the Mountain West this year there is plenty to be decided this weekend. Luckily the Mountain West released their set of tie breakers for each scenario to help make it easier for us to figure out. Wyoming is guaranteed at the 6th seed. Hooray, we're not the last bottom or second worst seed in the tournament anymore!

Looking over the scenarios looks like the Cowboys are set at #6 but most of the turmoil be happening with the first five spots. That will determine who the Pokes end up playing. Likely opponents appear to be UNLV, TCU or CSU. The latter two teams are certainly preferable to playing UNLV on their home court.

Here are the full list of tie breakers that were released by the Mountain West.

Hope Flavor Flav makes it for the tournament. He's become a Rebel fan this year.