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Future Poke Josh Adams Wins State With Last Second Tip

The future of Wyoming basketball certainly looks bright. Wyoming has signed four players as part of their 2012 recruiting class. One of those signees PG Josh Adams from Chaparral HS in Colorado was playing in the 5A State Championship game this weekend in Boulder.

The score was tied at 67 with less than 10 seconds remaining. Chaparral drove down the court and shot a very long three that was too far. Adams drove towards the basket and reached out to the tip the ball back up and bank it off the backboard and drop in as times expires. Truly an amazing play that gets even better when you watch it from several angles.

I've heard people rave about the athleticism of Adams this year. This was the first time I finally witnessed him in action. Being part of a winning program also brings character and attitude. Very excited to see what Adams and the other signees bring to the table next year. Wyoming is still searching for two players to fill out the remaining spots of their recruiting class.