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Wyoming Spring Football Updates

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We have one spring football practice in the books and there are already a few updates. First off in this video it is great to see the team in action and watch Brett Smith throw the ball. That is certainly a positive sign that he is able to grip and throw the ball right now even after his thumb surgery. Trey Norman has several nice catches, he is certainly one to keep an eye on this spring.

Position Changes

A few more players will be lining up different spots on defense.

  • Mark Nzeocha is moving from outside linebacker to strong safety. He was originally a safety last winter before moving to linebacker.
  • Ben Durbin is making the move from defensive tackle to defensive end. With the return of Patrick Mertens the Pokes have more tackles than spots available. Defensive end should be a good fit for Durbin who is 6-3 272lbs.
  • Junior Jeff Rouche is moving from linebacker to defensive end.
  • Luke Anderson played a hybrid linebacker/safety position for much of 2011. Look for him to stick at free safety now.

Seems like the Cowboys are trying to distribute athletes from stronger positions to help fill in some gaps at other spots. They have a surplus of defensive tackles and needed depth at defensive end. With Ghaali Muhammad and Oliver Schober back at linebacker then they were able to help out the secondary with Nzeocha and Anderson. Luke Ruff is going to limited in his work this spring.

According to Robert Gagliardi there are also a few changes to 2012 recruiting class. CB Dylan Muscat swapped again and decided to attend Penn instead of Wyoming. So that leaves one more scholarship open this year.

QB Tommy Thornton is going grayshirt and then enroll in 2013. He will only take a few classes in September and enroll full-time and go on scholarship in January. So Wyoming will have just three scholarships quarterbacks for 2012: SO Brett Smith, JR Colby Kirkegaard and FR Jason Thompson.