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Video From Wyoming Football Circa 1977

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Ready for a trip in a time machine? Your destination is Laramie, WY and the year is 1978. I unearthed this video entitled "One for the Records" that documents the 1977 Wyoming Cowboys football team. This is not just some video highlights tossed together. What we have is nearly a fourteen minute film that introduces you to the players and flavor of Laramie in the late 70's.

Bill Lewis was in the first year of this three year stint at Wyoming. The Pokes ended up 4-6-1 that season while playing in the WAC. Not a great performance but this film is still incredibly entertaining. I love seeing War Memorial packed to capacity on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The gold helmets with the brown steamboat look amazing and the cheerleaders are impressive with their cowgirl outfits.

I wasn't even born yet but I would love to have been in attendance for one of these games.

If you watch the credits you'll see that Kevin McKinney wrote and directed the film. He is certainly a guy that has worn many hats at Wyoming. Hope you made some popcorn and enjoyed that movie as much as I did.