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Kenny Sailors To College Basketball HOF?

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The University of Wyoming sent out a press release this afternoon announcing that the 2012 class for National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame will be announced on Tuesday, March 6th at 11am. The release mentionined that Wyoming media were encouraged to call into cover the announcement.

So putting two and two together there appears to be some good news for someone in the Cowboy family. It looks like Kenny Sailors the inventor of the jumpshot that changed basketball will finally get his day in the sun. This has been such a long time coming and really should have happened years ago, Sailors helped the Cowboys to the 1943 national title and was a three time All-American (1942,1943,1946).

Sailors invented the jumpshot in Wyoming after playing ball against his 6'4 brother at home. Standing at 5'10 Kenny needed to change his game in order to be score on his brother. Basketball was never the same. After college he went onto a five year professional career where coaches weren't quick to welcome his jumpshot. Sailors was indcuted into the Wyoming Athletic Hall of Fame in 1993.

Luckily Sailors is still alive and will be able to enjoy this moment. He lives in Laramie just across the street from the University. Even though he is 91 years old, Sailors can still be found at Arena-Auditorium for every Cowboy and Cowgirl home game.

It won't be official till tommorow but this certainly appears to be a great moment for Kenny Sailors and the University of Wyoming. Well deserved sir!