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Wyoming To Draft Teams For Annual Spring Football Game

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The Brown and Gold game takes place on April 21st at War Memorial Stadium. Coach Christensen broke down the rules for the spring game and how teams will be determined.

"We will draft teams for the Spring Game," Christensen added. "Our plan is to play four quarters, probably with a running clock except for the last two minutes of each half. We’ll score it like a regular game. The quarterbacks and running backs will play for both squads since we have some injured guys sitting out the spring at those two positions."

That got me thinking about how I would build a team if I was in charge of drafting a team. Christensen didn't go into specifics about the draft but let's say it is a basic draft where each team gets one pick per round. None of that second team gets two picks in the first round junk.

Forget the NFL draft and all that talk about Andrew Luck and RGIII. We've got more important things to figure out here.

The big question is: Who would you take with the #1 pick in the Wyoming Spring Football Draft??????

We breakdown some of the contenders and let you make the pick.

With the quarterbacks and running backs and playing for each team it makes the process somewhat easier. With so many injuries to starters the pool of athletes is smaller right now. So basically you can pick from any player that is healthy and has played this spring. Check out the spring depth chart if you want to glance at the roster.

Here are some of the top candidates for the first pick.

WR Robert Herron - With quarterbacks and running backs playing for the both sides the difference makers on offense will either be a receiver or a linemen. Herron is not only the most experienced receiver available, he has also been the most consistent this spring. With the lack of depth at WR grabbing Herron would help give your offense an edge.

C Nick Carlson - If you want to make sure your offense runs smoothly then grabbing Nick Carlson will be the way to go. Locking down the veteran center will ensure quality snaps and great chemistry with Colby Kirkegaard. There isn't much depth on the offensive line right now and grabbing Carlson would be a great anchor.

LG Tyler Strong - If you decided to pass on Carlson but still wanted to get some quality protection on the line then look no further then left guard Tyler Strong. He was All Mountain West Honorable Mention as a sophomore.

There is a lot more depth on defense which will give us more players to consider.

DT - Mike Purcell - If you want to secure the trenches and grab a veteran tackle then three starter Mike Purcell is your man. He has been having a solid spring so far.

DT Kurt Taufa'asua - If you wanted to go with the hot-hand then Taufa'asua is your pick for defense tackle. He has had a breakout camp and played at a much higher level this spring.

DE Ben Durbin - Since the d-line has plenty of depth at tackle and you wanted to gain an advantage on the edge then you may consider Durbin. He has had a strong spring at end after moving over from tackle. Knowing there is plenty of depth at defensive tackle may it worth grabbing Durbin early to fill that spot.

MIKE LB J.J. Quinlan - This guy has endured plenty but he is now healthy and having an incredible spring that really came out of nowhere. Quinlan has been among the leading tacklers in each of the first two scrimmages and this middle linebacker is a hard hitter at 6-1 238.

WILL LB Korey Jones - If you want some speed and versatility in an outside linebacker then Korey Jones is your guy. He can help in pass rush and run stopping or drop back in coverage if needed.

CB Blair Burns - The freshmen All-American has been the most consistent performer in the secondary. He has shown how he became the top cornerback on the team as a freshmen. Burns has had a very strong spring and you can almost take away one side of the field by grabbing him.

Your turn: Vote in the poll and tell me in the comments who you would draft. What kind of strategy would you use when picking your team?

Think I left anyone out who could be a top pick? Let me know!

It would great if all the players got dressed up in suits and were to walk up on a big stage after they are picked for this draft. Pose for a few pictures, shake hands with a coach and then get interviewed by Rich Eisen or Kevin McKinney. Whoever is available that day.