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O Captain! My Captain!

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We've got ourselves some captains!

Head coach Christensen announced that four Cowboys, two on offense and two on defense, were selected as 2012 team captains by the Wyoming Football coaching staff. The four team captains are: senior linebacker Korey Jones and senior strong safety Luke Ruff on defense; and senior center Nick Carlson and sophomore quarterback Brett Smith on offense.

The coaching staff announced their four captains for the 2012 season on Monday. Two captains for offense and defense. Three are seniors and there is one sophomore (Brett Smith).

Carlson has always been leader on the team and now he is officially a captain. The last time Wyoming a sophomore quarterback as captain it didn't work out very well. I don't think history will be repeating itself with this decision. Smith is more then ready to be a captain and he relishes being in this type of position.

Luke Ruff is model for a student athlete who has excelled on and off the field. It is impressive that Korey Jones was named captain in only his second year on the team. The junior college transfer has obviously made a bigger connection with the coaches and players then I've realized. Great to see someone make an impact so quickly in his career.

Last year the Cowboys went with a rotation of two new captains each week. Hopefully returning to the traditional methods doesn't produce any issues. Seems like a solid group that was picked, should be smooth sailing.