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The Return Of Cowboy Cribs: Zach Rushing and Luke Anderson

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The fantastic web series Cowboy Cribs is back. This time we get inside look at the townhome that OL Zach Rushing and S Luke Anderson call home. These two southern boys are living pretty nicely in Laramie. The opening song is "Sweet Home Alabama" but Zach is from Missippi and Luke is from Texas.

Some of the highlights include Zach's special spittoon, a killer Ab Lounger and neon lights undeneath a bed. Wasn't expecting to find two guys with their own tanning bed. I'm sure that there plenty of girls that try and borrow it. Pretty smart thinking actually.

What I learned today: Zach Rushing is very particular about his bathrooms and both these guys love trucks. Don't dress up as a duck or a deer near this house or you may find an arrow flying at you. Lamps are for decoration only.

Excited to see where the Cowboy Cribs series takes us next.