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Rosters Set For Wyoming Spring Game

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With the draft taking place on Thursday we now have our roster for the Brown and Gold game. The four captains were divided up and had to go through and draft their teams.

Each team will be coached by a coordinator. Here we'll take a look at each team and see who may have the advantage on Saturday.

The game starts at 2pm at War Memorial Stadium and is free to all fans. There will be four 12 minute quarters and a running clock except for the finally two minutes of each half. They will use a normal scoring system for the game.

Remember that quarterbacks and running backs will be playing for each team due to smaller numbers.


Coach: Gregg Brandon

Captains: Korey Jones and Brett Smith

This was able to compile tons of starters on on defense while also grabbing some play-makers at wide receiver. With great strength at defensive tackle and in the secondary it will be hard to move the ball on the white team.


DT Mike Purcell

DT Kurt Taufa'asua

DE Ben Durbin

CB Blair Burns

CB Marqueston Huff

S Luke Anderson

LB J.J. Quinnlan

WR Robert Herron

WR Trey Norman

OG Tyler Strong

OG Zach Rushing

I find it incredible that this team was able to put so many starters on defense together. They grabbed the top two cornerbacks, defensive tackles and the top wide out. Their weakness is certainly going to be on the offensive line where Tyler Strong and Zach Rushing are their leaders. This team may have a rough time dealing with pass protection and run blocking.


Coach: Chris Tormey

Captains: Nick Carlson and Luke Ruff

You can tell that Carlson focused on the offensive line for his team. They will certainly be more skilled in blocking and giving Kirkegaard more time to pass. They have an inexperienced group of receivers and some solid players on defense. It will be interesting to see if their strategy works out.


C Nick Carlson

OT Josh Leonard

OT Daniel Fleischman

OG Travis Bogard

WR Dominic Rufran

WR Josh Smith

LB Devyn Harris

DE Sonny Puletasi

FS Kenny Browder

SS Mark Nzeocha

I see the white team winning today based on their stronger defense. Here are the full rosters for both teams.

Who do you think will win? Share your thoughts on both teams.