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Former Wyoming Wrestler Joe LeBlanc Hired At Indiana

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The greatest wrestler in Wyoming history has found a job before he has even finished school. Four time All-American Joe LeBlanc is set to join the Indiana wrestling team as an assistant coach in May. Hoosier Head Coach Duane Goldman was very excited about LeBlanc joining his team.

"I have been a fan of Joe LeBlanc since I first saw him at the NCAA Championships during his freshman season," said Goldman. "His attitude and passion for the sport are evident in the way that he competes. His commitment to wrestling, academics and family make him a great fit for our staff and the goals of our program."

The 184lb LeBlanc leads Wyoming with 147 career wins. He was a key figure in the amazing growth that the Wyoming wrestling has experienced under head coach Mark Branch. The Cowboys earned a Top 10 ranking this year and have been the most successful program in Cowboy athletics over the last several years.

LeBlanc is excited about the job at Indiana and a chance to help his family right away. LeBlanc is married and has two kids.

"This is a great opportunity for me and my family," said LeBlanc. "The coaching staff at IU has a great reputation and I'm excited for the chance to work at a Big Ten institution. I expect great things moving forward and can't wait to be a part of something bigger than myself."

Here is a great video on Joe LeBlanc by Brett Brown on the Mtn. a couple months ago. Goes into his family history and all the obstacles he has faced as a youngster.

Hat Tip to reader George Roberts for the link to this article.