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Wyoming Vs Texas On The Longhorn Network?

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Wyoming fans were mad when the Mountain West released their list of TV broadcasts for the 2012 football season. The Cowboys were only listed once, there is still a chance that a smaller channel like Altitude could pick up some of the open games.

One thing that most Wyoming fans were counting on was the season opener against Texas being shown on ESPN. That may not be the case as the mothership is trying to get back some money from their $300M investment in the Longhorn Network that launched last year. Verizon FIOS is the only cable system to carry the network at this time.

Basically ESPN is playing hardball with carriers and using football games as the bait to get more subscriptions.

UT athletic director DeLoss Dodds said Friday the Longhorns expect to have at least two and possibly three football games broadcast on the Longhorn Network this fall. A third game would be an increase from last year, when his office received widespread complaints about fans’ inability to watch two games on LHN.

The most coveted programming UT has is football. Dodds said if two games are on LHN this fall, they would likely be non conference games. A third game probably would be a Big 12 contest, Dodds said.

Texas only has three nonconference games in 2012 and two of them are at home.

9/1 - Wyoming Cowboys

9/8 - New Mexico Lobos

9/15 - @ Ole Miss

I doubt they can convince Ole Miss from the SEC to have their home game broadcast on the Longhorn Network. So it looks like Wyoming and New Mexico will be forced to play on the Longhorn Network.

Holy hell does that bite for most Wyoming fans who will have no access to LHN. Unless DirecTV picks up the channel then I won't be able to see it. The other option is to book a ticket to Austin and pay an arm and leg for a seat. Sucks that Wyoming and New Mexico fans have to suffer because ESPN overpaid terribly for a product that only a few people want.