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Leonard Washington Sentenced For Battery, Criminal Entry


A bad off season for Wyoming forward Leonard Washington took another bad turn. The leading scorer for the Cowboys was suspended indefinitely on April 4th for not meeting the expectations and standards of the team. May Then yesterday Washington was sentenced in Albany County court for battery and criminal entry for an incident that occurred on April 15th.

The citation states that Washington admitted to entering a house without permission and then striking an individual with a closed fist. In laymen terms there a party that Washington visited without invitation and then punched someone. This can happen fairly often on college campuses and is certainly not good timing for Washington. Obviously fighting is never a good thing but at least it was not a serious assault case.

Washington was fined twice as well as some jail time and unsupervised probation. Surprising that news of this case was kept under wraps for so long. Nothing was mentioned of this incident until the sentencing today.

Here is a summary of the punishment handed down by the judge.

He received a $240 fine, with 10 days in jail suspended, for the criminal entry charge, and a $290 fine, with 21 days in jail suspended, for the battery charge. Washington was sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation for the battery charge and six months of unsupervised probation for the criminal entry charge. The probation charges will run concurrently.

The University of Wyoming didn't release any formal statement on the situation. Coach Shyatt did at least make a comment on the issue.

So obviously the coaches were aware of everything happening with Washington. However Coach Shyatt didn't tip his hat on whether or not this was enough to remove Washington from the roster. It is sad to see someone who appeared to have really turned things around - suddenly run into all this trouble.

We'll post any further news on this story as it becomes available. Right now it will just be waiting game to see if Washington is able to stay a Cowboy or not.