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Wyoming Has Some Future Football Schedules To Fill

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The 2012 schedule is all set for the Wyoming football team. After that things get a little uncertain for the Pokes. There was a four game scheduling agreement with Utah State that is now gone. The Aggies will be joining the Mountain West in 2013 and now Wyoming will have three games to fill over the next several years.

With the Mountain West and Conference USA working on scheduling partnerships and further expansion possible, Wyoming may wait for some things to get settled before announcing any new games. Currently the Mountain West is set to only have eight conference football games. I doubt that number would increase at all. Air Force doesn't want to play any more then eight conference games because Army and Navy already take up two of their non-conference game slots.

So based on that thinking Wyoming will need to add one more opponent for 2013, and two more in 2014 and 2015.

Let's look at some possibilities here.

Here are the list of OOC games that are scheduled through 2018.

2013 Opponent
8/31 @ Nebraska
9/7 Idaho
9/28 @ Texas State
2014 Opponent
9/13 Utah State
9/20 @ Oregon
9/27 Florida Atlantic

2015 Opponent
9/05 North Dakota
9/12 Oregon
9/19 @ Utah State

2016 Opponent
9/10 Utah State
9/17 Nebraska
2017 Opponent
9/09 @ Missouri
2018 Opponent
9/09 Missouri

So now the question is: Who should Wyoming schedule for these open games?

They already a very high level team scheduled every year: Nebraska, Oregon or Missouri. So it certainly wouldn't be necessary to add another powerhouse school to the schedule for any of those years.

In 2013 there aren't FCS schools scheduled yet. Perhaps we'll see a school like Southern Utah or Weber State fill that remaining spot. The Cowboys like to schedule at least one FCS school per year.


Perhaps this is where we'll see some type of scheduling agreement with CUSA come into play. Wyoming could play a team that would help get them more exposure in the southern part of the United States. UTEP, Tulsa, Rice, UTSA, North Texas and Tulane could all be options.

Having more games with these schools may increase the exposure if both conferences work to ensure that these games are broadcast nationally.


Wyoming has a long history with BYU and Utah. It wasn't a very friendly rivalry but it certainly got fans interested. Utah has said they wouldn't have as much interest in playing Wyoming because it wouldn't help them in recruiting athletes from the area. BYU is looking for some more games after going independent. As a Wyoming fan would you want to see the Cougars and Cowboys renew their rivalry?

I certainly have mixed emotions on this, it would be tough to think about helping out a school that tried to dismantle the Mountain West. However beating BYU would certainly be a sweet victory.

There are also Boise State and San Diego State who are headed to the Big East. Are both schools dead to us, or is it worth trying to keep them on the schedule?


Perhaps we could try and start a set of games with some new schools. Wyoming has been recruiting the hell out of Washington and Oregon the last couple years. Perhaps a series with Washington or Washington State could be in order. Mike Leach may be interested due to his Wyoming connections.

Also some decent schools in the Midwest to play. It would be an easy trip to play Iowa State or either of the Kansas schools.

Put your picks in the comments below.