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Wyoming Video Vault: 1978 Football

Here is another video from the archives that we found. This time we go back to 1978 and the Cowboys who are coached by Bill Lewis. The Pokes finished 5-7 but certainly played a tough schedule. The soundtrack for these videos is incredible and is at least one reason you should check out these videos. They played the usual lot of tough WAC teams but also played Texas and LSU on the road that year. Those were two close losses that put the Cowboys out of bowl contention.

Lewis provides some narration during the video. Injuries also played a huge role in this season. Myron Hardmen was having a great year but injured his knee and missed the second half of the season. He finished with 658 yards in six games. Four different Cowboys had more then 100 rushing attempts on the year. It is great watching the option offense in action.

There was so much footage from the 1978 season they decided it needed to be broken up into two parts.

Enjoy the second part of "We're Almost There"!