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New Cowboy Cribs: Coach Derek Sage

Cowboy Cribs is in full swing this summer. This time we have a first for Cowboy Cribs: a coach's house. Wide receiver coach Derek Sage welcomes us into his families home. He and his wife Mandy have a one year old daughter who is very active. Her toys dominate the living room, which certainly reminded me of my own home. I have a two year old and she has plenty of toys in the living room. I can also relate to not having the bed made most of the time. However on Sunday I changed the sheets and made our bed all on my own. Ready for my Husband of the Year Award.

It is fun to see to see where the coaches live and get a better idea of their life when they aren't coaching. Sounds like we will be seeing several coaches crib's over the next few weeks. Hopefully we'll be able to see where Coach Christensen lives. Always curious to see how a head coaches live.