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Nothing New With Leonard Washington Situation

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There hasn't been much news coming from the men's basketball program about suspended Wyoming forward Leonard Washington. The Casper Star-Tribune published a recent article that bascially says it could take a while for everything to work itself out. In this situation no news can almost be viewed as good news.

The staff has met with Washington and have gone over what he needs to get back on the team. He enrolled in summer school and according to message board posters is working at the golf course.

That said, Washington has met with the second-year head coach and athletics director Tom Burman in recent weeks, according to several UW officials, and knows exactly what he must do if he wishes to be a part of the UW program for the 2012-13 season. It sounds as if the list covers several different areas.

If there was no chance of Washington being back on the team, then they would have never sat with him and worked out a plan. Let's a hope low key summer is in store for Washington and that he can reach all those goals.

The rest of the team will setting off for their summer games in Canada in a few weeks. SG Shakir Smith will be in court on June 4th for a criminal entry charge that occured at the same time as Washington's. He has not been suspended for the team.